Welcome to Durnen.com

Hello there!

I’ve had the durnen.com domain registered for quite a few years and really didn’t have much time to do anything with it except use it for email and picture storage.

I know there are many Durnen’s out there besides my immediate family.  My hope for this site is to give everyone a place to come together and plan events, share stories and just generally communicate with each other.  We all share or know someone who has the last name “Durnen” and I think that is a really cool thing.

My specialty is definitely NOT web design… maybe someone out there has some skill with that and can help with the site.  Also, I’d like to start allowing people to have a @durnen.com email address if there is some interest (IE. tony@durnen.com) but I’m still looking into the logistics of that.

Anyway, spread the word and hopefully we can all use this site to come together as a large family!   Create an account by going here and I’ll approve you as soon as I can.

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